Would have gotten the shit smacked out of me for poppin that noise

Shit I’m 43 and I wish I would catch me thinkin about saying something like that to my mama!
Chile my obituary would read: “she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”!

My mom would have knocked me down when she heard “First of all”

How do these kids speak to their parents like this without fear?

My mom had me scared to ask for shit I need.

How many of y’all were scared to go in your mom’s room to ask for cereal in the morning or to wake her up if you were laughing to loud and she had to get up for work?


these kids are not afraid of God

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I wanna go out and drink but like I can’t and it’s annoying :/

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I’m waiting for at least a hey from you so that I know you think of us as at least friends


The best part is he gets slowly more annoyed

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cold bloo that’s fuckin COLD

Wow what a dick

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